Nex Pensacola PC Repair is one of the Computer Stores we have in Pensacola Florida. This map below shows our 3 locations that you can visit. 

Desktop computers still make up a large portion of computers used in the home and in businesses all around the world. Most people don’t know but desktop computers are very different from laptops in regards to the parts that they use. They are very interchangeable and helps a lot when the computer starts to play up. In our location at NEX Pensacola we focus on Desktop Computers. Although we fix other parts like mother boards, video cards and other major parts of computers. 

In addition, we also replace boards, hard drives, memory, video cards and more. Our number one priority is to provide an affordable and reliable customer service to our customers. We fix it or you don’t pay.

Making the customers happy and satisfied is our business goal. We’ve been doing computer repair and service here in Pensacola for more than 8 years now.  So far they give us high ratings and that’s already a business for us. 

If you are looking for Cheap and Fastest service here in Pensacola FL, you are at the right place and time. We’ll provide you Flat rate and Upfront pricing without hidden charges. No call-out fee and we do it all regardless of the brands and models. See and check our 3 locations nearest from your are or contact us today and schedule onsite or pickup appointment.

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